Essential Steps to Prevent Small Business Failure

Starting a small business can be an exciting and rewarding venture. However, without proper planning and market understanding, many small businesses face the risk of failure. This is a crucial step that every business should complete before even opening its doors. It is essential to understand your market and target customers before building any products […]

Understanding Debt Management: Strategies for Taking Control of Your Finances

In today’s world, managing debts effectively is a crucial skill for achieving financial stability and peace of mind. Whether you’re dealing with liability debts, asset debts, or bad debts, understanding how to navigate them can make a significant difference in your financial well-being. You might have read somewhere about categorizing asset debts as good debts […]

Top 10 rules you can consider controlling overspending

Controlling overspending can be a challenging task, but there are several strategies and rules you can follow to help you manage your finances more effectively. Today, MO Foundation would like to share our Top 10 rules you can consider implementing experiment with different strategies and rules to find what works best for you. Save First: […]

Credit card: Take advantage, don’t misuse

In today’s modern society, Credit Cards have become an integral part of our financial lives. They offer convenience, security, and the ability to make purchases even when we don’t have cash on hand. However, many of us, especially younger ones, started to form with little cautious attitude towards them. It’s crucial to use credit cards […]

How can you avoid recording daily expenditures while using a zero-sum budget? 

This article is to provide some practical information on how one person, especially busy and forgetful one, can keep track of his/her spending budget effectively just once or twice a month. You don’t have time to record your spending every day? Consider using a zero-sum budget method! Understand Zero Sum budget method Zero sum budget […]

What are the skills a business owner needs to possess?

Being a successful business owner requires a combination of skills, knowledge, and behaviors. In this article, we will explore the top 5 skill sets any business owner should have, improve on, and develop! Nobody excels at everything, yet as a business owner, there are occasions when you must try to “do or know it all.” […]

Should you continue a 9-5 job or set up your own business?

  This article is to provide some consideration points to anyone (especially Gen Z) who is thinking of quitting a job to set up a small business. The dilemma of being an employee or an entrepreneur with its myriad of ups and downs is not unfamiliar to Gen Z. Although everyone has their own career […]

How to set up accounts between personal and business accounts?

This article is to provide some practical information on how one person should set up and manage their business accounts. Separating from individual accounts for transparency and legal purposes. Any business owners, at one point, will have to decide on setting up bank accounts to facilitate the operation of their business. We will focus on […]

Sources of Capital for New Business

Starting a business is an exciting venture, but it also requires careful planning. You must have enough money saved up for the initial investment before you can even start to launch a small business. In fact, we have discussed three forms of financial planning you need for your small business in the previous article ( […]

The Power of Compound Interest: The 8th Wonder of the World

The Power of Compound Interest: The 8th Wonder of the World Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. Those who understand it will make money, those who don’t understand will have to pay for it.” It is possible to achieve financial freedom and enjoy your retirement years to the […]

Journey to Financial Freedom

Many of us may have said – I want financial freedom. But when asked, you don’t know what is the exact number that could support your retirement. Think of it as a financial map, if you don’t know your destination, you can’t plan for the drive. And if you don’t plan for the drive, you […]

Best money tips any lady can start today!

All the stereotypes about women are that they are bad with or feel timid about money. Besides the stereotyping, in reality, women face many challenges in their financial life, like making less money than men, or no-paid jobs during motherhood, easier to become victims of financial scams. We approach the topic below away from the […]

Financial Planning for Your Small Business

We measure the health of the business by looking at the financials. But this is your first time setting up your own business, and you don’t know where to start. We understand how complicated and difficult it is for you. Follow us and we will show you the importance, and step-by-step building of the basic […]

5 simple ways to increase income from personal hobbies

Develop skill sets or follow hobbies that could eventually help you increase additional income outside of your main salary.

Develop skill sets or follow hobbies that could eventually help you increase additional income outside of your main salary. Hobbies such as crafting, writing, photography, etc. can absolutely bring in a significant source of income if you have good skills and invest the time and effort. In addition to salary and business interest, each person […]

Tips to set up and manage your financial accounts

This article is to provide some practical information on how one person should set up and manage their personal accounts. Having the right setup will give you the discipline and longevity you need for a better financial system to accommodate the 5-step “Money Wheel” and your financial goals. We previously spoke about the 5-step “Money […]

Financial Life in Milestones

Understanding money management through different ages, life events, or financial circumstances will help us manage uncertainties, and life-changing events or set the right priorities while not compromising our end goals. Our financial priorities will change when we embark on our life journey, and understanding what could have changed or impacted our financial life will help […]

Managing personal and business finances can be complicated.

Why do you need to separate personal and business finances and How? You have plans to become your own boss and set up a small business. Being a sole-proprietor can be a rewarding journey, however it does not come naturally and easy. It can create different kinds of stress and pressures because it now involves […]

Overall financial planning for individuals including 5-steps

Overall financial planning for every individual provides the basics of money management: Income, Save, Spend, Invest, and Protect. The value of knowing all the basic steps of money management is to help all of us lay a stronger foundation from the start, and understand that these steps are actually intertwined and eventually will impact our […]